TX A&M-Kingsville and Webber Internat’l Win AVCA Nationals

Texas A$M-Kingsville: AVCA Division II Champs

By Stephen McCarthy, Contributor, Prepvolleyball.com

TAVARES, Fla. – Under beautiful 8o-degree skies in Central Florida, Texas A&M-Kingsville and Webber International won AVCA Small College Beach Volleyball titles over the weekend.

Texas A&M-Kingsville defeated Eckerd College 4-1 for the Division II title and Webber International was victorious over Stevenson University, 4-1, for the Fiesta Division title at Hickory Point Beach in Tavares, Florida

Outside of a short weather delay on Day 1, the conditions were near-perfect for college teams from the Division II, III, NAIA and Junior College ranks competing for two titles.

Eckerd College, an early favorite, cruised to the finals, but Texas A&M-Kingsville came into the event riding a four-match losing streak only to run off four straight wins to capture the Division II title. The top tournament pair from Eckerd — Paula Hoffman and Kaitlyn Sibson – won their match to finish unbeaten for the tournament, but Texas-A&M-Kingsville won the other four to cruise to the victory.

The Fiesta Division title was a different story. Webber International defeated Stevenson University 4-1, but three of the matches could have gone either way. Two matches went to three sets and the top pairs played in a tightly-contested 21-19, 21-19 match.

Top Pair of Tournament

Hoffman and Sibson from Eckerd College won all four matches on the weekend with relative ease. The pair ended the year with a 22-match winning streak.

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Attacking and Armswing on the Beach

Scott and Emily at ProjectU Spring Training Camp 2018 at Hermosa Beach

From the beach volleyball mecca of Hermosa Beach AVP Pro Emily Stockman and AVP Academy Director Scott Davenport go over the basic and some of the nuances to attacking and armswing in beach volleyball.  From the big picture perspective, the biggest point to make is we must learn and coach about the things that need to happen for the shot for the ball to do what you want, not the reasons or mistakes you made that caused the ball or shot to not occur.

Click here to view the video of Scott and Emily discussing attacking on the beach.

Areas covered include:

  1. Differences from Beach to Indoor:  Briefly, Scott talks about the position of your arm during the swing and how it differs from indoor
  2. Armswing Mechanics: In this video, we cover the swing from a motor learning perspective and ques players can use to create a consistent armswing.
  3. Contact Points: What are the contact points and the corresponding results from those contact points are mentioned.
  4. Finish Points: Scott discusses the 3 finish points and what is the outcome of each point.
  5. Adjustments when the perfect swing does not occur: More times not on the beach the perfect swing does not happen, Scott covered the type of adjustments players can make during the swing to create the attack shot.
  6. Differences between left side and right side hitting:  Scott goes over the major points of difference that will allow athletes to create a more consistent swing from each side of the court.

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Fox21 Duluth Interviews Shamrokh for Upcoming AVPNext Event

Ben Shamrokh traveled to Duluth to talk with Fox21 Duluth about his career in beach volleyball and the upcoming AVPFirst and AVPNext event over Memorial Day weekend at Skyline Lanes. Click here for for the entire interview. For more details on AVPNext Duluth, click here. For additional information on AVPFirst or the Junior event on Saturday, click here.


JVA Online: 4 Factors That Impact Beach Partner Selection

By Stephen McCarthy, TMP Beach

It is not the best players that win; it is the best players with the best team that win!
– Unknown

For younger athletes, partner selection is an easy process. Pick a player of similar skill level that you enjoy playing with and can compete together at a high level. But how do you create a high level partnership for high school, college and pro beach athletes?

A big trend in today’s beach world is management of players or combining the physical traits with a large amount of charted data from new computer applications and from this understanding, a partnership is born.

But our opening quote says something different. Best players paired with the best data do not win, best teams do.

The science says a successful beach partnership will form 80% of the time when reliant on statistics, apps and technology. Well, what happens when the other 20% actually happens, which begs the question… how can a successful beach pairing or best team occur that includes the charted data, the physical attributes of the players, but is not limited only by this information?

Let’s consider the other factors that play a large role:

Equitable hard work

Players who are willing to pay the price together and do the same work as the other, create a bond and buy in from one another that is deeper than the stats. It becomes more than just a partnership, but a mutual respect, appreciation and trust… a team.

Balance of skills

There can be two strategies when it comes to beach partner selection based on skills. One of them is to find a partner that balances out the other’s weaknesses, for example, putting a taller blocker with a shorter defender. The other strategy is finding a partner with similar skills. Sometimes when partner’s are very similar in skill they will each have the same expectations. When a shot comes over the net, a fast defender will expect a partner to be able to get the ball that he/she could play as well. A great hitter would expect to see a partner hit a smart shot when given a good set.

Sometimes it can be frustrating to have a partner that does not match your skill set. It is also difficult to be disappointed with a partner that misses a play that you wouldn’t have gotten either.

The ability to find chemistry

A major question must be asked and answered; can the potential partners create a meaningful chemistry between themselves? Coaches must purposely create ways to locate the barriers to chemistry within the players past, present, and future environment. One way to find these barriers are experiential learning techniques, special events in challenging environments, projects that create a deeper understanding of others, to name a few. Such events create a safe environment and essentially challenge the players to find ways of developing chemistry with others to solve the puzzle, all the while, giving the coach the opportunity to see the signs or potential signs of a partnership.

The fallacy of science and the role of intuition

Computers are important, but they are not all knowing. They do provide reams and reams of information on your players, but what is happening in real time could be different than what should be happening. Intuition can trump data in many scenarios.

Many coaches make the majority of the decisions for their team based on the scientific method, but there are times when it just seems right to put two players together or follow your intuition when all the data says it should not work.

While we have only covered a few of the components, in a very brief manner, of partner selection for best teams, the process is somewhere in between the concepts mentioned and the many others we could add. But in the end as the quote mentioned, the best TEAM wins with the best players The best players do not win without equal hard work, a balance of skills, great chemistry and a coach’s intuition.

Sources: TMP Beach and ProjectU Showcases Interview with Damien Elder and Stephen McCarthy

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2018 EVP Tour Winter Championships: Eau Claire, WI

A great weekend with everyone, Divisions included: Open Juniors, Open Pros for men and women. Here are a couple images from the weekend at Wagner Lanes Sports Complexx in Eau Claire.

EVP Winter Championships Open Junior Division

Skylar Germann and Kaya Gendreau of Minneapolis Gold Bracket Champions

EVP Tour Silver Bracket Champions

Womens Open Pro Division Champions Aurora and Christina from Tampa, FL

TMP Beach Named To Elite List of Beach Clubs by JVA

The JVA is proud to announce the five beach clubs named 2018 JVA Sponsor Clubs. In it’s third consecutive year of the JVA Sponsorship Program, these five beach clubs join the 59 indoor clubs to set a new record for JVA Sponsor Clubs. As a member driven and member centered organization, the JVA is giving $200,000 back to the JVA Sponsor Clubs this season.

“We are excited to announce our JVA Beach Sponsor Clubs for the 2017-2018 season” shares JVA Director of Member Development Lisa Wielebnicki. “This is the first year we have separated the indoor and beach clubs for the sponsorship, as beach truly has its own identity. The growth of beach volleyball throughout the last few years is exemplified as more JVA member clubs have added beach programs. In 2013 only 25.23% of clubs offered beach according to the JVA Club Programs Survey. The 2017 survey found that percentage grew up to 42.7%! The JVA is thrilled to give back to these clubs and offer continued support with aligned missions to grow the game.”

From it’s inception in 2006, the JVA has been a member driven association focused on the prosperity of its members, along with the goal of unifying clubs. These guiding principles, as well as junior volleyball specific education and resources, have led to a steady growth in membership from nearly 900 clubs in 2016 to nearly 1100 in 2017. The growth sparked a record number of applicants for the JVA Sponsorship Program this year.

The five JVA Beach Sponsor Clubs will receive monetary support from the JVA as a reward for promoting the JVA brand, supporting the JVA mission, and growing JVA at the regional and national level. The goal of unifying it’s member clubs, and all clubs for that matter, along with the concept that JVA is an organization that serves all clubs, has influenced the JVA’s motto for this season “All JVA United” and #BeJVAUnited.

The clubs listed below applied for the beach club sponsor program, and were selected based on their ability to meet sponsor level criteria, their length of membership and support of JVA, and their past contributions to JVA educational resources. Among the participants under the JVA Sponsorship Program, there are over over 900 junior beach players in addition to 1,860 indoor junior volleyball teams, all of whom will be sporting the JVA logo on their uniforms this season.

692 Beach (TX) – Founded in 2005 in Dallas, TX. 692 quickly became the most successful beach volleyball program in the country with nearly 300 players. Dozens of players are invited to the olympic training center each year to train with the usa beach national team. Their teams have won 9 national championships so far.

692 West, CA – Founded in 2008 in San Diego, CA. It is the largest club with 400 players, joins 692 Beach’s success.

Tamarack, CA – Founded in 2013 in Carlsbad, CA. With 100 beach players, Tamarack’s goal is to train elite level beach volleyball players to love the sport and play it right. With one coach per eight athletes, focused practices, core skill development, sports-psychology sessions and a lot of care, Tamarack give athletes the tools to become great beach volleyball players.

Los Angeles Beach Volleyball Club, CA – Founded in 2014, and currently has 100 athletes, Los Angeles Beach Volleyball Club provides collegiate caliber technical skills training and tactical instruction for young female athletes in a positive learning environment that fosters personal growth, development and a passion for the game of beach volleyball.

The McCarthy Project Beach Volleyball Club, MN – Founded in 2016 with 30 players currently. The McCarthy Project’s mission is to provide an environment where athletes love the game enough to do it for fun, as well as, for them to accomplish their goals by becoming the most creative, individualistic, self-reliant player who can also play within a system.

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ProjectU Collegiate Beach Clinics and Showcases

ProjectU Beach Volleyball CampThe ProjectU Collegiate Beach Showcases are about connecting athletes with college coaches who have the ability to take your game to the next level. Event locations include; Louisville, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Los Angeles. In partnership with the AVP Academy, each event is open to all athletes who are committed to understanding themselves and moving ahead as a player.

“Over the years, we have ventured to bring leading edge ideas and training to beach volleyball. With top college coaches in one location, this event will be a major opportunity for young athletes. It will be a point for athletes in real time to learn next level concepts, showcase their skills and potentially, change the direction of their future in beach volleyball. ” -Stephen McCarthy. Director, TMP Beach Volleyball

Cost: $175 per player for Multi-Day Event or $90 for Single Day clinic. Partner not required.online registration

***All participants must have a current VolleyAmerica membership to attend our events, for additional details, visit here. Exception: Minneapolis, each participant must have a current USAV membership.

Clinic Schedule:
9am-11am Introductions, Warmup and On-court Drills
11am-12pm Coaches Panel (Off Court): Coaches answer your questions, subjects to include; how to get recruited in beach, best practices for skill development, how to get connected to the beach community when there is no beach club in your area, among others
12pm-1pm Lunch
1pm-3pm: On-court Drills with Coaches

2018 Schedule and Location Information:

Colleges Expected: Tulane University, Missouri State, Carson-Newman, Ottawa, Spring Hill, Texas Christian University, and more to be announced
Session Dates: May 19th-20th: Day 1: Check in time at 8:30 am, Clinic Session from 9am-3pm. Day 2: 7:30 am Check in time, 8:00am tournament Start. Cost $175.00 per athlete
Location Information:
KC Beach
7120 Gibbs Rd
Kansas City, KS 66106
Event Hotel Information:
Hampton Inn- Shawnee
16555 Midland Drive
Shawnee, KS 66217
913-248-1900-Mention ProjectU Collegiate Showcase
Room Options: 2 Queens or 1 King, $129 per night plus tax, Minimum 2 night stay, Deadline: April 27th, 2018

Colleges Expected: Carson-Newman University, Spring Hill, Florida International and more to be announced
Session Dates: June 2nd-3rd: Day 1: Check in time at 8:30 am, Clinic Session from 9am-3pm. Day 2: 7:30 am Check in time, 8:00am tournament Start. Cost $175.00 per athlete
Location Information:
King Louie’s Sports Complex
600 N English Station Rd
Louisville, KY 40223

McPETES (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) USAV Beach Regional Qualifier
Colleges Expected: Tulane University, University of Hawaii, Texas Christian University, Houston Baptist, Carson-Newman University
Mike Placek of Collegebeachvb.com with more to be announced
Session Dates: June 9th-10th: Day 1: Check in time at 8:30 am, Clinic Session from 9am-3pm. Day 2: 7:30 am Check in time, 8:00am tournament Start. Cost $175.00 per athlete or $65 per team for the National Qualifier only, click here for details
Location Information:
90 Humboldt Dr
Big Lake, MN 55309

Colleges Expected: University of Hawaii, Loyola Marymount University, Texas Christian University, Carson-Newman University, Victor Valley, College of the Redwoods, St. Marys, and more to be announced
Session Dates: June 16th-17th: Day 1: Check in time at 8:30 am, Clinic Session from 9am-3pm. Day 2: 7:30 am Check in time, 8:00am tournament Start. Cost $175.00 per athlete
Location Information:
Huntington Beach: Brookhurst St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Florida State Sand Volleyball Courts (TALLAHASSEE, FL)
Colleges Expected: University of Hawaii, Florida State University, Florida International, Stetson University, Carson-Newman, and more to be announced.
Session Dates: August 4th and 5th: Day 1: Check in time at 8:30 am, Clinic Session from 9am-3pm. Day 2: 7:30 am Check in time, 8:00am tournament Start. Cost $175.00 per athlete
Location Information:
Florida State Volleyball Courts
Stadium Dr and Spirit Way
Tallahassee, FL 32304

online registrationColleges Expected: Tulane University, University of Hawaii, Georgia State University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Louisiana State University, Carson-Newman University, Florida International, Missouri State and more to be announced.
Session Dates: August 11th-12th: Day 1: Check in time at 8:30 am, Clinic Session from 9am-3pm. Day 2: 7:30 am Check in time, 8:00am tournament Start. Cost $175.00 per athlete
Location Information:
North Beach: North Courts
1600 Lake Shore Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

Colleges Expected: Florida Southern, Florida International, Carson-Newman, Spring Hill, University of Tampa with more to be announced
Session Dates: April 7th: Check in time at 4:30pm Clinic Session from 5:00pm-7pm. Cost $90 per athlete. Sign up for tournament on fiestaonsiestakey.com. Pay separately.
Location Information:
Hickory Point Beach
27531 FL-19
Traveras, FL 32278

List of Colleges in Attendance: **Colleges mentioned with locations are with the specific locations are tentative only. **

Click link for additional TMP Beach Volleyball Tournaments and Camps

ProjectU Spring Training Camps

Beach Volleyball Training Camps, Made for Young Athletes

AVP Pro Jeremy Casebeer will be on staff at LA camps

Our ProjectU Spring Beach Volleyball Training Camp is an on and off court camp over a 3 day period that will include creative on-court skill work, strength and speed development training, as well as, leading edge nutrition ideas. ProjectU Spring Training beach volleyball camps are a partnership between TMP Beach and the AVP Academy. In addition to the TMP Beach staff, a local AVP pro will be in attendance. The camps will be held over the month of March and early April on the beautiful beaches of Riviera Beach (Palmonline registration Beach Shores, FL) and Dockweiler Beach (Playa del Rey, CA); The event is open to all athletes who are committed to understanding themselves and moving ahead as a player and a person.

California Staff: California Pro Jeremy Casebeer, Top Ranked AVP player Florida Staff: Rico Guimaraes, Boys and Girls Under 17 National Coach for USA Beach, and Local AVP Pro to be named

“Over the years, we have developed a gestalt theory of elite performance in beach volleyball. Not only will this camp will be a point for athletes to learn from one of best players on AVP tour but also to hear about new, innovative training and skill development techniques that have applied to develop the best in the sport.” -Stephen McCarthy, director of TMP Beach

ProjectU Spring Beach Volleyball Camp Highlights:

  • Mission of camp is to develop a “love for the game”
  • Discover how to use your memories in elite performance
  • Develop your ability to use your instincts and intuition with game like drills and cauldron games
  • On court skill development and video feedback
  • Learn through experiential leadership and communication drills

Dates and Cost:
online registrationDockweiler Beach:  March 28th-March 30th $285 per athlete

Session I: March 23-25: Training will take place between 2:00pm-6:00pm on Friday and 10:00am-2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. Snacks will be provided during the session.
Session II: March 28-30: Training will take place between 10:00am-2:00pm on Wednesday to Friday. Snacks will be provided during the session.
Location Information:
Dockweiler Beach
12000 Vista del Mar
Playa del Rey, CA 90293
Meet for registration behind El Segundo Cafe, click here for map

About TMP Beach:
Stephen McCarthy, Director of TMP Beach, has prepared over 15,000 youth, high school, college athletes for over a span of 17 years. He has trained players who have played the following professional sports: NBA and NHL. He has developed over 150 NCAA athletes within the sports of basketball, volleyball (indoor and beach), soccer, swimming and hockey. TMP Beach Volleyball club started in 2014. Currently, Stephen is a USAV certified official, a USAV Beach Impact and BCAP I certified volleyball coach, a member of AVCA and a sponsored JVA beach club, a coach within the USAV High Performance Beach Program, as well as, a certified personal trainer.

Click link for additional TMP Beach Volleyball Tournaments and Camps

Minnesota Coach McCutcheon on The Love of The Game

University of Minnesota’s head volleyball coach Hugh McCutcheon joined myself to talk about the love of sport and how to properly develop young athletes.  Coach shared his story growing up in New Zealand playing multiple different sports and developing over his lifetime a love for volleyball.  He talked about how he came to focus on one sport, volleyball, his transition to coaching and some of his principles of success.

For the complete interview, visit The McCarthy Project on Blog Talk Radio.

Coach Hugh McCutcheon Bio: Complete bio