Our mission at TMP Beach is to develop Minnesota athletes to be competitive on the beach at the local and national level. The club is comprised of 2 teams:

  1. TMP Beach Club Team: All players are welcome aged 10-18
  2. National Development Team: Invitation-only team based on tournament results.

Parent Meeting and New Players:

New Players (Aged between 10-18)

Zoom Player/Parent Meeting: Approximately, 1 hour. In April of each year, this meeting is for all current TMP players and parents.

Minnesota Beach Volleyball Seasons are as follows:

Summer (May-Beginning of August 2023) If you are interested in being considered, please submit a introduction letter to Stephen McCarthy. Please include playing history with a short bio. We will review the information within 48 hours and let you know either way.

Fall Season (Middle of August till the beginning of October. Fall Season: (Aged 11-18, primarily under 14) Practices and 3 tournament play dates included.

Winter Season (Middle of November till Middle of April) Indoor training sessions, 2v2 beach rules, at Providence Academy in Plymouth and Champions Hall in Eden Prairie.

All tournaments are optional, but if playing, we ask that you support our local ProjectU events. For additional information use the following link, team, schedule and tournament Information: If you have questions before registering, please call Stephen at 612-741-0982 or email at cs@themccarthyproject.com.


online registration

Summer: All team fees are $600.00 per player, per season.  The fee includes all practice sessions and TMP player gear (A $110 value) the first week of May. Additional TMP Gear as in towels, hats, and shirts are available to purchase, click here.

Fall Season: (Aged 11-18) Team Fees: $300 per player. Includes all practices, 3 tournament play dates, and TMP Team Shirt.

Winter Season: (Open to All Players) $40 per player, per session.

Payment Options: To pay via credit card, use register now button.  Second option for Summer would be to pay via check $350.00 by March 1st with the remaining $250.00 due by May 1st.   Tournament fees are separate, they range from $50-$80 per team or $25-$40 per player and are paid to the director of the tournament. Some tournaments require a membership, please contact TMP Staff before purchasing. The fall season is a payment in full by August 10th.

Click here for frequently asked questions or if you are interested in playing for our club or contact Stephen at 612-741-0982 or email at cs@themccarthyproject.com.