The McCarthy Project is all about assisting young athletes in accomplishing their goals of playing college beach volleyball, and if desired, professionally.

The process of being recruited in beach volleyball and ultimately, accepting an offer to a college is one based on connection, relationship and need. In today’s digital world getting the word on on the internet is only one component of creating a connection, the next part is having a coach endorse or recommend you to a college that trusts his or her opinion and lastly, does the college program have a need for the type of player that you are. Lastly, because of limited recruiting budgets in beach, players travel to camps with college coaches are in attendance and from there, the coaches make their evaluations.   Remember, no coach, organization, or recruiting service has all the connections. You never know who is watching or where a right connection will occur, so always work all angles and options.

Additionally, here are a few links to interviews and a video we have completed with influencers and college coaches on different aspects of college recruiting.

  1. A Division I beach coach on getting noticed from a small high school or a lesser known location, click here
  2. Do sending emails to college coaches work, for sure. Listen to a Division 3 college coach talk about what he looks for in the email, click here
  3. Scouting and recruiting are essentially the same thing, just at a different point in the process. listen to a Division 1 college coach on what he looks for in players, click here

Below are a few answers to commonly asked questions.

Can parents affect the outcome of the recruiting process?

Yes, but not directly. The biggest thing is to place your athlete with the proper beach program that has the connections to the coaches at schools that interest the athlete. Secondly, find ways to  play in front of coaches at events against the best possible competition. Ultimately, a parent can only place the athlete in the right places, the athlete must perform at the right time, at a time a coach is watching and needs exactly what the athlete just did.

What are the NCAA rules on the subject of recruiting? or call the general public line at 877-262-1492.

Is process the same for each college?

No, some colleges use recruiting questionnaires and national databases only, others use websites like, while some create and use databases with the players that club coaches recommend. Lastly, a direct email from the athlete to a coach with a highlight video could be the answer to open the door.

What site lists beach athletes who have committed to colleges?

If you have additional questions, contact Stephen McCarthy at 612-741-0982.