Do I need to find my own partner?

You do not need to have your own partner to participate in our club, but if you do, you are able to play with a partner of your choice.

If my partner is not available for practice, can I still attend?

Yes, most practices have other athletes in the same position, so we can pair you with them.  Secondly, our workouts are geared toward small groups and partners are not required.

How long is the beach season?

We have one season from early May till the beginning of August.

What tournaments does your club participate?

All tournament participation is optional. At the beginning of the season, we sit down with each team member and create a tournament schedule based on the dates and times tournaments are available, as well as, the athlete’s goals and summer plans.

What if you have to miss a practice or will be out of town for a week on vacation?

We realize the summer is a busy time of the year, so practices are not required.

What equipment do we need to bring to practice each day?

You will need your ball and sunglasses (Maybe sand socks depends on the day).

What do the players wear?

Our players can wear anything they choose for practice, but we require all our players to wear our club jersey to tournaments and other organized events.

What happens during bad weather?

On the day of a practice, we will send out a group text on any updates to practice times and cancellations. Generally, if there is lightning, we will cancel practice. If rain only, we will proceed with practice.

If you play volleyball in college, can indoor players from the university’s volleyball team play in their sand program?

Yes, indoor players can play sand but the NCAA has put rules in place that benefit schools who keep them separate.

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