Climbing The Hill as a Small School Standout

Today, Stephen McCarthy will talk with Head Coach Russell Brock of the LSU Tigers beach volleyball program about some of  his ideas for players who do not live in hot bed locations to get noticed and eventually, play college beach volleyball. Coach about his personal 

Scouting: The Role Information Plays In the Players Life

Coach Wayne Holly of Tulane University and Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project discuss the topic of scouting, its importance to some athletes and not so much for others.  In today’s world of sport, many hours are spent on scouting the competition, but how many 

Daniel Coyle, Author of The Talent Code

Daniel Coyle on what it takes to compete at a high level Natural talent does not always win. Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, talked about the ways work and understanding win out, rather than potential. For the complete interview, visit here. Bio Information: 

David Epstein of Sports Illustrated on Genetics in Sport

Sports Illustrated Writer and Author David Epstein on Genetics Role in Training and Sport Author David Epstein of The Sports Gene:Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance joined Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to discuss his book and his motive for writing Sports Gene. 

Inaugural NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship: Should it change your perspective?

By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project The recent announcement of the inaugural NCAA beach volleyball tournament in May of 2016 was a major step forward adding beach volleyball to the map as a youth sport.  The bigger question does this new tournament change your thoughts