Can Diet Really Increase Your IQ?

Written by Dr. Cate on April 2nd, 2017 In his mid 20’s, Silicon Valley wiz-kid and entrepenur Dave Asprey had accomplished everything he’d set out to achieve, but his success had cost him his health. When the scale hit 300, he realized it time to 

We should include a fourth macronutrient: time between meals

By Dr. Cate Shanahan, Author of Deep Nutrition There’s a lot of important discussion around macronutrients in the nutrition world regarding what percentage of our daily calories should ideally come from protein versus carb versus fat. In all this discussion, what’s often overlooked is the fact that simply 

Fuel The Athlete with Ben Greenfield

Fuel The Athlete with Ben Greenfield

Athletes seek to maximize their performance, often at the expense of their long-term health and longevity. Ben, a former bodybuilder, is an ironman triathlete, speaker, and author who understands how to nourish the body for both peak results and optimal health. He has a bachelor’s and master’s 

Study: GMO Soy Accumulates Carcinogen

Fat Adapted Athletes Perform Better w/ Cate Shanahan, MD

We cover the following topics Minute 0-15 Benefits of fat burning over sugar burning for aerobic exercise AKA cardio Ketosis versus fat burning The short term effect of exercise on fat burning Simple hack to optimize your fat burning on any given day Minute 15-30 

My Untold Story on Raw Milk

About four years ago, I started my quest to find a source of raw milk for the purpose of improving my performance as a human being, my family, and athletes looking for an edge. On top of that, I found this unpublished interview with David 

Oxygen Supplementation for Athletes

Today on the show, Stephen McCarthy discussed the use and role of oxygen supplementation for young athletes, as well as, elite athletes.  LiveO2’s own Tom Butler joined the show to talk about the following ares related to his experiences in the world of oxygen. History 

Game Day Strategies with Georgia State Coach Beth Van Fleet

Game Day Strategies with Georgia State Coach Beth Van Fleet

Today, I was joined by Coach Beth Van Fleet of Georgia State and Coach Wayne Holly of Tulane University to talk about game day strategies and what athletes need to know to compete at the highest level. Coach Van Fleet talked about the how and why preparation