Fat Adapted Athletes Perform Better w/ Cate Shanahan, MD

We cover the following topics

  • Minute 0-15
    Benefits of fat burning over sugar burning for aerobic exercise AKA cardio
    Ketosis versus fat burning
    The short term effect of exercise on fat burning
    Simple hack to optimize your fat burning on any given day
  • Minute 15-30
    How I built on the work of Weston Price
    The real reason we’ve blamed saturated fat for heart attacks since the 1960s
    Why the diet doctors recommend is the fad, not an ancestral diet
    Why I believe that the best source of nutritional info are old-fashioned cookbooks
    The Four Pillars of an Optimal Human Diet (boiled down from old-fashioned cookbooks and travel-foodie shows)
  • Minute 30-45
    Meal timing and hormonal hacks to simplify curing a sweet tooth
    What a healthy breakfast should look like
    The biggest dietary change in human history is our dramatic increase in vegetable oil intake
    Why vegetable oils are toxic to the reproductive process (men and women)
  • Minutes 45+
    A ratio called phi is nature’s formula for ensuring that our skeletal growth is optimally functional and beautiful
    The best first step to optimizing your health should be one that gives you immediate positive feedback

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