Why We Work in The Summer Camp Business

Natalie Montague of Nike Sports Camps and US Sports Camps

Today Stephen McCarthy is joined by Natalie Montague of Nike Sports Camps and US Sports Camps to talk about why we work in the summer camp business and the role US Sports Camps plays every summer in young athletes lives.

Areas covered:

  1. Why are we in this industry
  2. What are the deeper motives of coaches, athletes and parents for participating in summer sports
  3. The role her family and summer camps has played in finding the desire to help other young people and coaches have a positive summer camp experience.

For the complete interview, click below. For more information about Natalie, US Sports Camps and Nike Summer Camps, visit their website.

Eckerd College Coach on Training Ugly to All-American

Today, Michelle Piantadosi of Eckerd College and Optimum Volleyball Club joined Stephen the talk about specific ways athletes can develop their overall game for the beach.   Michelle has the unique position of being an athlete who started late playing volleyball, her junior year in high school.  She talked about how she “trained ugly” to All-American at Tennessee, then how she developed her game in the world of beach volleyball.

Subjects covered:

  • Creative development of athletes
  • Keys areas of your game that are needed to play at your best
  • Michelle’s experience having to train ugly, vs training perfect
  • The role of coaches during tournaments, currently and in the future.
  • Use of video feedback, rather than instantaneous verbal feedback

To listen to the entire interview, click here. For additional information on Optimum Beach Volleyball Club, click here or Eckerd College

EVP Tour Commissioner on How to Prepare Upcoming Season

Today, Ross Balling, Commissioner of the EVP Tour and founder of EVP Academies, joined Stephen to share his story on how he got into beach volleyball and secondly, how to get ready for the upcoming season.  During the show, we covered three types of players: 20-30 year old looking to take their game to the next level as a professional, a JO high school age player, and a person who is just getting started playing looking to learn the game and play their best.

Areas covered:

  • General conditioning
  • Skill work needed
  • The importance of following a systematic approach or lesson plan
  • How to overcome living in a colder climate
  • Tips and tricks of the game like play your skill level, not your age; motive should be for the love the game; be an all-around player, not a specialist

For the complete interview, click here.  During the interview, Ross mentioned that he would make available his lesson plan for skill development, here is the link to those plans.

The Role of Online Training Information with Ben Nadeau of CoachUp

Today, Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project talks with Ben Nadeau, editor of CoachUp Nation, on the subject of locating high quality information for athletes and some of the pitfalls to watch out for when completing your research.  In today’s world of “just google it,” online resources have become even more critical and websites like CoachUp Nation play an integral role in assisting athletes on their journey to achieve their goals.

For the entire interview, visit The McCarthy Project Blog Talk Radio here

Mercer Coach on Role of Observation and Experience in Partner Selection

Coach Damian Elder of Mercer University

On the show today, we visit the idea of partner selection.  Coach Damian Elder of Mercer University will breakdown his viewpoints or best practices for the proper selection of a partner.

Areas covered include;

  • Observation, experience, and intuition
  • The concept of equitable hard work
  • The fallacy of “science says”
  • Do players have insight or should they just follow the coach

For the complete interview, click here

Coach Damian Elder Bio

Damian Elder was named head coach of the Mercer volleyball team on January 17, 2012.  Elder assumes his first head coaching role after spending 11 years as either an assistant or an associate coach in some of the nation’s elite conferences.  In three coaching stops prior to Mercer, Elder has coached in the Pacific-12, the Southeastern Conference and the Southern Conference.

During his time at South Carolina, the school fielded its first competitive sand volleyball team.  Elder assumed responsibility of the sand program, instituting the first sand training program and first SEC sand camp before leading the team to the SEC Beach Championship title in 2009.

Fluoride: A Performance Suppressant

David Augenstein

Over the last couple weeks, I was looking through our interview archives and found this short interview on the subject of fluoride and performance with David Augenstein of the Journal of Natural Food and Health.  The truths mentioned in this interview are timeless and just as applicable as four years ago.

For the complete interview, visit here.

Lastly, if you are looking for more information, here are a few resources

  1. David Augenstein’s Journal of Natural Food and Health
  2. Fluoride: Poison on Tap Documentary
  3. The McCarthy Project research, click here, here, here
  4. Water and Brain Performance by Stephen McCarthy

My Untold Story on Raw Milk

David Augenstein

About four years ago, I started my quest to find a source of raw milk for the purpose of improving my performance as a human being, my family, and athletes looking for an edge.

On top of that, I found this unpublished interview with David Augenstein of the Journal of Natural Food and Health on the subject of raw milk and its value to the human being.

For the complete interview, visit here.

Lastly, if you are looking for more information, here are a few resources

  1. David Augenstein’s Journal of Natural Food and Health and
  2. Book: The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmid
  3. Weston A. Price Foundation
  4. The McCarthy Project Past Research, click here, here
  5. Rawmilk.org And advocacy resource for
    natural, raw milk & non-pasteurized dairy
  6. Harvard Research on raw milk

Coach Tom Black: From California to Rio to Georgia


Head Coach Tom Black of Georgia University

Today, Stephen was joined by Coach Tom Black of Georgia University to talk about the whirlwind of activity over the last year from coaching beach and indoor at LMA to coaching in the Rio Olympics to accepting the Georgia coaching position last month.  We talked about the power of change and the growth mindset and what it has meant to him over the last year as well as, how it may apply to young athletes.

For the complete interview, visit here.

Coach Tom Black Bio:
Black comes to Athens with 12 years of NCAA collegiate head coaching experience with time at UC San Diego and Loyola Marymount, accumulating a career record of 242-115 after posting six seasons with 20-plus wins.

Working with some of the top athletes in the country, Black has been extremely active with the U.S. Women’s National Team over the last few years, working alongside U.S. head coach Karch Kiraly. Black most recently served on the staff at the 2016 Rio Olympic games as an assistant coach, as the United States garnered a bronze medal.

Coach Trumbo on the Future of Stevenson Beach Volleyball

dave_trumboToday, Stevenson University Head Indoor and Beach Volleyball Coach Dave Trumbo joined Stephen to talk about the inaugural season for his beach team and the upcoming beach volleyball season. Some of the areas covered include:

  • The first practice in Maryland the first week of March, short-weather right? It was.
  • The first match win
  • The travel schedule for the 2nd year
  • The future of a two sport athlete at Stevenson

For the entire interview, visit here.

To connect with Coach Trumbo as well as, more information on the Stevenson program, visit here.

Webber International Coach on Selecting A Partner


Coach Brian Goodhind of Webber International

Today, Stephen McCarthy will talk with Head Coach Brian Goodhind of Webber International University on the numerous variables related to the selection of a partner.  We will attempt to cover the entire spectrum of players from high school players who are looking for a local partner to college players and the coach is making the decisions to a pro level when your success and failure depend on your decisions. We cover personality, talent level, friendship, while attempting to answer the question of who is the best partner for you and your long term success?

For the complete interview, visit here.

Brian Goodhind Bio:

Brian just finished his sixth season at Webber and his fourth as the Head of the volleyball program. Brian came to us from Warner Christian Academy (South Daytona, FL), where he was the Co-Head Coach. While with Warner they won Back to Back State Championship’s while he was there (2009, 2010).

For complete bio, click here