Attacking and Armswing on the Beach

Attacking and Armswing on the Beach

From the beach volleyball mecca of Hermosa Beach AVP Pro Emily Stockman and Scott Davenport go over the basics and a few of the nuances to attacking and armswing in beach volleyball.  From the big picture perspective, the biggest point to make is we must learn and coach about the things that need to happen for the shot for the ball to do what you want, not the reasons or mistakes you made that caused the ball or shot to not occur.

But before we go into the deeper things of attack, first the some philosophy of how to teach and learn the skill of attack from Stephen McCarthy, Director of ProjectU Showcases and TMP Beach

Click here to view a deeper detail video by Scott and Emily discussing the techniques used in attacking on the beach.

Areas covered include:

  1. Differences from Beach to Indoor:  Briefly, Scott talks about the position of your arm during the swing and how it differs from indoor
  2. Armswing Mechanics: In this video, we cover the swing from a motor learning perspective and ques players can use to create a consistent armswing.
  3. Contact Points: What are the contact points and the corresponding results from those contact points are mentioned.
  4. Finish Points: Scott discusses the 3 finish points and what is the outcome of each point.
  5. Adjustments when the perfect swing does not occur: More times not on the beach the perfect swing does not happen, Scott covered the type of adjustments players can make during the swing to create the attack shot.
  6. Differences between left side and right side hitting:  Scott goes over the major points of difference that will allow athletes to create a more consistent swing from each side of the court.

Lastly, the 5 Shirt Drill for developing all the shots,

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