TMP Beach National Elite Team

The National Teams are groups of athletes inside the club who desire to compete on a National level and potentially, play beach after high school. The Elite Team is invite only and will be created in May.

The National Elite Team will consist of two age groups, (U14 and U18), and will be limited in number of players. Tryout, Club and player expectations are as follows:

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Must be willing to compete on a national level.
  2. Must demonstrate the intangibles that lead to competitive play.
  3. The potential and/or ability to score and defend.


  1. Attend tryout in May.
  2. Attend the TMP Open 2-Day Tournament and at least one national event in July
  3. Must be willing to attend practice, at minimum, 1 practice per week in June and two practices per week in July.

Exclusive to the National Elite Team

  1. Additional private practice sessions during June and July at no cost, up to 2 per month, per player
  2. National Elite Team gear

Tryout Structure

  1. Open to all club members
  2. $25 entry fee per player
  3. 2 hr session for both U14 and U18
  4. Not limited to age group
  5. Players will participate as individual, not with a specific partners
  6. Drills of high difficulty


1. There are no additional fees to be a part of the team

For additional information, contact Stephen McCarthy at 612-741-0982.