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TMP Beach Volleyball Camps and Events

Club Program

TMP Beach Volleyball Club is a year round program with several training locations and events across the nation. We offer numerous ways to match the goals of you and your athlete with the sport of beach volleyball.


AVPNext, AVPFirst, and AAU events across the Midwest hosted by TMP Beach Volleyball

Spring Training

Spring training events that embody a quote by an Olympic Gold medalist, “I wish I could teach you how to achieve perfection, how to slay the dragon every time. Instead, I hope to show you something for more valuable, how to chase it.” pg. XXI, Slaying the Dragon

Collegiate Showcases

Elite-Level TMP Beach Super Sessions and Showcases in Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles staffed by TMP Beach, as well as, Olympic, and college coaches.

Summer Camps

4 day summer camps at Lord Fletchers on Lake Minnetonka and Dred Scott Park in Bloomington.

TMP Beach News

Updates, articles and interviews with college coaches, influencers and philosophers on sport and the game of beach volleyball.