AVP Academy Beach Clinics and AVPFirst Zonal Championships

The AVP Academy Beach Clinics will be at select AVP Championship events across the nation.   2019 Event locations include: Navarre Beach (FL), Ocean City, Seaside (OR), and Atlantic City (NJ).  Each event is open to all athletes who are committed to understanding themselves and moving ahead as a beach volleyball player, and per NCAA rules, this event is open to any and all entrants limited only by age, gender, grade, or number.

“Each year we have ventured to bring leading edge ideas and training to the beach volleyball world that are not fads or the same worn out platitudes.  With top college coaches on court, working with your athletes, these event will be a major opportunity for young people. ” -Stephen McCarthy. Director of Camps and Clinics at AVP Academy

Cost: $120 per player.

Event Schedule:

2018 ProjectU Chicago Beach Clinic anc Showcase
2018 Chicago Beach Clinic and Showcase Champions

Beach Clinic Approximately 3 hours
1. Introductions, Warmup and On-court Drills with Coaches, 2 hours
2. Coaches Panel (Off Court): Coaches answer players and parent questions, subjects to include; how to get recruited in beach, best practices for skill development, how to get connected to the beach community when there is no beach club in your area, among others, 1 hour

Times are subject to change due number of participants, weather, etc.

2019 Beach Clinic Dates and Location Information:

  1. Gulf Region: Navarre Beach: March 22nd: Stephen F Austin, Southeastern University
  2. Northeast: May 23rd: Tulane, Texas Christian, Florida Southern, Florida Atlantic
  3. East Coast Championships, Atlantic City: June 26th: Stephen F Austin, Tulane, Florida Atlantic, Houston Baptist
  4. Northwest Zonal Qualifier: Houston Baptist, Stephen F Austin, Tulane

List of Colleges in Attendance: **Colleges mentioned with locations are tentative only. **

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