AVPNext Tournament Details

How It Works:

Players will need to register to be AVPNext members prior to competing in any AVPNext certified event. By registering for the AVPNext membership, players are eligible to play in any AVPNext certified event nationwide. Players competing in certified events gather AVP points and battle for the opportunity to represent the zone in the main draw of the Manhattan Beach Open. To give themselves the best chance at earning the bid to Manhattan Beach, players should plan on playing with the same partner for as many events in their zone as possible. The bid will be awarded to the TEAM that performs the best through a zone’s series of events. The team awarded the bid will receive a travel stipend of $400 per person to assist with the costs associated with traveling to and participating in the main draw of the Manhattan Beach Open. In the event that one of the team members resides in Southern California, that player will receive a $100 travel stipend. Additionally, all players will receive prize money for being in the main draw.

The bid will be awarded to the team with the best finishes throughout their zone’s events. In order to optimize your chances, you should plan to play with the same partner for each event within a zone. If you switch partners, you will begin to accumulate new team points with your new partner. Zonal point cumulative totals will be based on our 80% rule, which takes a teams’s best finishes for 80% of the events within a zone. For example, if you play in a zone that has 10 AVPNext certified events, the bid will be awarded to the team that has the best 8 out of 10 team finishes. If a team plays in 8 or less of the 10 AVPNext certified events, then all team finishes count. Note: All players that compete in AVPNext events are still eligible to compete in any other beach volleyball competitions.

The AVP Next Qualifier events below are produced by EVP Academies. These Midwest events are attracting young adult athletes who wish to earn AVP points. These events are part of the Midwest AVP zone and the top point leaders receive a bid into the AVP Manhattan Beach Open. Please visit www.AVP.com